Things to Know

Properly Built Decks


Deck railing posts should be securely attached using through bolts and Hold Down anchors. Someone leaning against this railing could find themselves on the ground when these nails cannot support their weight. 



We use them everyday to come and go from our homes, But if not properly built, they could fail and leave us injured. 

Electrical connections


All electrical wires need to be properly secured in boxes to prevent a shock or fire hazard. This box is missing the connector and the sharp metal box could cut the wire and shock the unsuspecting person who attempts to use the outdoor outlet.

Proper Roof Underlayment


Beauty is really only skin deep. A roof requires the proper underlayment to keep the water out and the shingles attached. 

Older Chimney Maintenance


Mortar becomes brittle as it ages. It requires proper maintenance and replacement at some point. The Mortar is important to keep the water out from behind the block / brick and from getting into your walls.

Dry Basement?


What we all desire. A Dry basement. All the elements of the home come together in the basement. Is your Dream home basement dry? If not Why?